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Training & Vocational Development information

  • Employment and related decisions at FINECABLES are determined by ability and performance.
  • Providing a flexible, productive working environment.
  • Encouraging relationships based on trust, courtesy, and mutual respect.
  • Valuing each employee for the particular knowledge and skills he or she contributes to FINECABLES.
  • Supporting continuous development of the individual through lifelong learning.
  • Promoting employee involvement in meeting the challenges of a growing and changing market
  • Working together to make FINECABLES successful

To join Finecables China, please click"Job Application Online", or please email your resume to admin_wmj@finecables.com


Performance & Reward information

  • FINECABLES reward employees’ contributions and qualifications, instead of degree, experience, seniority or title.
  • Our performance management is designed result-oriented. Managers are responsible for helping staff to improve their performance and capability through continuously setting goals, coaching, appraising and communication.
  • FINECABLES introduced FA (FINECABES AWARDS) in 2003. Honoring employees who have applied special technology and knowledge to create enhanced value for FINECABLES, this award is designed to motivate employees to pursue greater challenges and achievements.


We commit to build up a learning organization, which continuously improves working skills and performance of employees by running a professional training system, so that the company’s human capital would be appreciated. The HR department takes the responsibility of managing the training of FINECABLES, by cooperating with the training staff in each functional department. For employees, FINECABLES provides new employee orientation program, in-service training program. The new employee orientation program includes a series of training courses, which are corporate culture, operation instructions, products knowledge, marketing and sales skills, product developing standards, etc. To ensure that every new employee could meet the skill requirements before going to the post, the training programs vary from half to 6 months based on working positions. The in-service training program includes management skill training and technical skill training. Based on the vocational qualification standards, we set training plans for all the employees at different level and of different category, providing system solution for career development of every employee.