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M23 Female Power Right Angle Rear fastened Panel Mount Connector

M23_2021 P471-2
Part No:M23-PNSRAFFx***-XXXX

Product Inquiry
  • Specification
  • Application
  • Certified

  • Connector series: M23 Power

  • Gender: Female Thread

  • Category: Panel-mount

  • Locking type: Fix screw

  • Mounting type: Rear fastened

  • Part No.: M23-PNSRAFFx***-XXXX

    (***for number of position, X for wire type and length)

  • General information

    Seires: Power
    Contacts type: All
    Contacts: Socket
    Connector insert: PA
    Connector contacts: -40℃ ~ +125℃
    Coupling nut/screw: Brass with nickel plated
    Seal/O-ring: NBR or FKM
    Operation cycles: >500
    Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
    Contact resistance: ≤5mΩ
    Shielding: Unavailable
    IP rating:

    IP67 in locked condition

    Electrical data & Mechanical data

    Contacts Rated current Voltage Wire gauge/size Wire
    Cable ending
    & length
    Rated Imp. AWG mm²
    6(5+PE) pins 30A 630V 6KV 14 2.0 PVC Custom version
    8(4+3+PE)pins 9;30A 250;630V 4K;6KV 18~14 1.0~2.0 PVC