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Finecables Launched Two New Products

Release time:2018-07-26

On July 26, 2018, the world's leading connectivity manufacturer, Finecables, officially launched two new products- waterproof optical fiber connector and M12 field assembly, 360 degree shielded, crimp type connector, which marked Finecables' product portfolio has extended from "electricity" to "light" and its main-stream M12 product series have been constantly enriched.

An optical fiber connector is a detach able connection between optical fibers. The two ends of the optical fiber are precisely butted together to maximize the coupling of the optical energy output from the transmitting optical fiber to the receiving optical fiber while minimizing the impact on the optical link. Optical fiber connector are widely used in FTTX&FTTH systems, fiber distribution frames, fiber optic network equipment, computer room renovation, cable TV networks ect. There is a strong demand for waterproof fiber optic connectors in the market. It definitely is an the encouraging news that Finecables has independently developed SC and LC waterproof connectors successfully. The main raw material we choose is PA66+30 percent GF. The rubber ring is made of high quality silicone to ensure excellent product quality and reliable performance. Its working temperature reaches to -40 degrees Celsius +105 degrees Celsius and waterproof rating reaches IP67.

M12 field assembly, 360 degree shielded, crimp type connector has very reliable connection by using circular thread locking structure design and suitable for compact space; except insert, all parts are metal parts so as to make the whole product excellent in visual and quality. This product can provide solutions for high vibration environments, and 360 degree shielding ensures its efficient electromagnetic compatibility interference protection and safe and reliable connection for data transmission. This product can be widely used in closed-circuit television, door control, passenger information systems, inverter/converter control, and train management roadside control in the fields of industrial automation, rail transit, ships and new energy. This company's product line also demonstrates the following competitive advantages: Firstly, the crimp terminal flange and crimping roller can be freely and flexibly matched to the selected cable range from AWG24-26; Secondly, developed 3 types of coding: A coding, B coding and D coding and except for the regular 3/4/5 contact layouts, now developed more sophisticated of 8 contacts; Thirdly, except non-metal component, all parts are comply with EN45445 fireproof certification standards; Fourthly, compliance with IEC industry standard 61076-2-101; Fifthly, waterproof level achieved the industry leading of IP67.

"With continuous development and innovation, Finecables helps customers to meet the challenge of high-water-tightoptical fiber connector, multi-pin connector and subminiature connector for the use in the complex environments." said the Technical Director of Finecables,"We are specialized in designing and developing competitive, high performance, cost-effective products based on different customer requirements."

Finecables leads the way in the connectivity field! Thank you for being our important customer!