Industrial Harness Assemblies

  • * Customized solutions
  • * Mechanical and electrical design
  • * Over-molded internal & external
  • Specs
  • Application
  • Certificates

  • Over-molded internal and external
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • R&D,test and prototype support
  • Polarized housings design
  • Customized solutions
  • Complete electrical and functional testing
  • High quality,reasonable cost and timely delivery

We can manufacture harnesses perfectly complying with your specification, or be a part of your product development and help you through your design process. After working with custom design in a number of different industries, we know by experience the importance of close dialog with our clients. Our expertise, combined with yours, we will find and deliver the best solutions to you.

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New Products

M12 Male,Panel,Crimp,S-coding
* M12 Series
* Male,Panel,Crimp,Front fastened,S-coding