Plenum Cables

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  • Adequate fire-resistant and low smoke-producing characteristics
  • Reduced flexibility& stiff and hard to bend
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL CMP FT6

Technical Data

Test Volatage: AC 2000V/min
Minimum Bending Radius: 12xOD
Temperature Range: -40℃~+80℃;-20℃~+70℃

Electrical data & Mechanical data

Structure Items Unit Specifications
Conductor AWG NO. AWG 24AWG 20AWG 18AWG 14AWG
Conductor Material - Bare Copper Bare Copper
Conductor Core wire Pairs 1P 1P
Wire Insulation Material - FEP Insulation FEP Insulation
Wire Insulation Color - 1.Blue,2.White 3.Red,4.Black 1.Blue,2.White 3.Red,4.Black
Assembly Drain Wire mm 24AWG 18AWG
Assembly Aluminum mm >100% >100%
Assembly Braids mm >65% >65%
Jacket Material - PUR/PVC Jacket(Grade CMP) PUR/PVC Jacket(Grade CMP)
Jacket Color - Gray Gray
Jacket Over Diameter mm 6.35+/-0.25 10.10+/-0.3
Electrical Capability Rated Temp -20℃~75℃ -20℃~75℃
Electrical Capability Rated Voltage V 300V 300V
Electrical Capability Conductor Resistance Ω/KM20℃ 24AWG:94.2Max 20AWG:36.7Max 18AWG:23.2Max 14AWG:8.96Max
Electrical Capability Insulation Resistance MΩ/KM20℃ 10Min 10Min
Electrical Capability Impedance Ω 120+/-15% / 120+/-15% /
Electrical Capability Flame Rating - FT6 FT6

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