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  • * NTC sensors
  • * PT100/PT1000 sensors
  • * Temperature transmitters
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Whenever you need to keep track of the temperature in- and outside a building, we has all you need. The product range includes NTC, PT100 and PT1000 sensors and transmitters.They are well-known for high accuracy and long-term stability.

Features and Benefits
● Room Temperature Sensors
● Outside Temperature Sensors
● Duct Temperature Sensors
● Immersion Temperature Sensors
● Clamp-on Temperature Sensors
● Room Humidity Sensors
● Duct Humidity Sensors
● Outside Humidity Sensors
● Black Bulb Radiant Room Temperature Sensors
● High Temperature Sensors

● Air conditioning and fresh ventilation system
● Sewage system
● Electrical monitoring and energy management system
● Refrigerators, Electrical water drinkers, Shower machines
● Meters temperature compensation in medical care, Chemistry

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