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Valve Plug,Male Base,Type C,Rectangular

  • * Solenoid Valve Series
  • * Male Base,Type C,Rectangular
  • * P/N: VCCMAXX**
  • Specs
  • Application
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  • Connector series: Valve
  • Gender: Male
  • Locking type: Central Nut
  • Mounting type: Straight
  • Part No.: VCCMAXX**

General information

Standard: Industrial standard
Termination: Solder
Ambient temperature: -30℃ ~ +125℃
Contact bearer: PA+GF
Housing: PA
Housing color: Black
Connector contacts: Brass with tin/nickel plated
Central nut: Brass with nickel plated
Gasket: NBR
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ
Contact resistance: ≤4mΩ
Shielding: Available
IP rating: IP65 in locked condition

Electrical data & Mechanical data

Contacts Rated current Rated voltage Impulse Voltage Contact termination
3+PE pins 16A 400V 4KV Solder
2+2PE pins 16A 400V 4KV Solder
2+PE pins 16A 400V 4KV Solder

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