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Recruiting Training and Career Development

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    Junior College

    Post duties

    1. Under the leadership of finance manager, he is responsible for accounting work;
    2. Truthfully reflect and supervise the company's economic activities and financial revenues and expenditures, and ensure that all economic activities are reasonable, reasonable and lawful;
    3. Prepare the accounting statements required by the competent departments on time so that the figures are true, the calculation is accurate, the contents are complete, the explanations are clear and the reports are timely.
    4. Be responsible for the cost, expense and tax accounting of the company. Check the original receipts and expenditures carefully. The accounts are clear, the figures are accurate and the settlement is timely.
    5. Setting up accounts, checking vouchers and filling in vouchers according to accounting regulations, closing accounts on time and compiling accounting statements;
    6. Be responsible for collecting, examining and binding the accounting documents, such as accounting vouchers, accounting statements, financial plans and important economic contracts on time.
    7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

    Detailed requirements: hotel related professional graduates, college degree or above. Careful, like to engage in laboratory duties: responsible for the specific implementation of related experiments, data analysis, etc
    Welfare: Five Insurance, Serious Illness Insurance, Supplementary Industrial Injury Insurance, Free Accommodation, Holiday Benefits, Year-end Salary, Pay-in Travel and Skills Training
    Phone:+86-(0)769-8519 1366

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Benefits Performance and incentives

  • Motivation is based on the individual's contribution to the company and the team and their ability, not diploma, experience, qualification or titles.
  • Performance management with results-oriented requires managers to set target for team development and help employee to improve work efficiency by training, assessment and mutual communication.
  • In order to promote continuous innovation and self-improvement, Finecables established the FA Award Fund in 2003 to specifically encourage employees who have specialized skills and made the contributi...

Finecables is committed to becoming a learning organization, through a professional training system to continuously improve staff's knowledge, skills and performance, and then have the human capital value-added.The human resources and other revelant responsible person need coordinate to carry out orientation training,including company culture, work instruction,product knowledge,sales&marketing,Industry Information and other specialized courses.In order to meet the skill requirements for the new employee,and the training plan will be divided into half months to six months according to the job requirement. On-job training mainly includes management and skill improvement two aspects .According to the different levels and position,Finecables provides systematic  and career development paln.