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Finecables is committed to the connector with great enthusiasm and try our best to establish long-term and win-win partnerships with customers and suppliers. All in all, we are your best partner!

Our Philosophy

  • Vision

    To be the world's leading manufacturer in industrial connectivity.
  • Mission

    Focus on our customers by committing to providing them with innovative products and excellent, solution-orientated services.
  • Policy

    Initiative and Self-Improvement, Innovation and Development, Partnership and Cooperation.
  • Core value

    Promptness, Excellence, Awareness, and Gratitude.
  • Spirit

    Respect and compliance with covenants, Rapid action and response times, Practical and functional execution, an endless pursuit of excellence, and No Excuses.

Serving our customers is the primary reason Finecables exits! Meeting or surpassing customer expectations is our driving force!

  • High quality, excellent service, low operations costs, and giving top priority to meeting our customers’requests
  • Continuously improve our systems and operations to realize maximum efficiency and ensure the highest quality possible
  • Cooperation with our fellow peers in the industry as both competitors and partners to jointly create a favorable environment and share the benefits of an increased value chain

Environment Protection

Finecables Environment Protection Statement

Finecables discharges domestic sewage during production and does not generate effluent. The flue gas produced during the production process is collected and purified before being discharged. Every year, Finecables will invite professional organizations to detect hazardous substances in the flues gas and domestic sewage produced by our production and living process.

1. Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution

Finecables collects tin gas and flues gas from production process and unified discharge after purification. Domestic lampblack is discharged after purification by lampblack purifier. Collecting discarded pipes, lampblack purifiers. If any abnormality is found, we will repair immediately to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Finecables regularly invites professional organizations to test the pollutants and the concentration of emissions of flue gases every year. The test results are in line with the emission standards.

2. Prevention and Control of Water Pollution

We do not produce industrial wastewater during the production. The domestic sewage generated in daily life are discharged after treatment. We will invite second party inspection organization of testing. The test results are in line with the emission standards.

3.Waste Management

Finecables has established a hazardous waste warehouse and stored waste substances according to hazardous waste categories. We engage the professional hazardous waste transfer company to transport the hazardous waste in our factory. According to government requirements, we finish the hazardous waste application forms every year.

4.Energy conservation

4.1 Electricity saving

Finecables actively promotes power resource saving measures. Turn off the lights as soon as we leave. The air conditioner is kept at 26℃ in summer. Energy-saving light bulbs are everywhere. In addition, in order to prevent the existence of computers that are not shut down after work, IT department places commands for each computer to ensure that each computer remains shut down after work.

4.2 Water Saving

Due to the production characteristics of our products, our production process does not need large amounts of water. The main water used are circulating water for water conditioning, air compressor special product testing, such as waterproof testing, and employees' domestic water. The water sources are all from municipal water and are not taken from rivers, lakes or groundwater sources.

Under the implementation of ISO14001 system, we have adopted the following energy saving measures and environmental protection measures:

1. Establishing dust collection pond to reduce dust in the mold workshop.

2. Introduction of hot runner systems to reduce the waste of Drainage opening material.

3. Improving separation tank and domestic sewage pipes, purify the sewage.

4. Using water-saving taps.

5. Replacing gas water heaters by using air compressor water heaters for hot water in staff dormitories

6. Using one-size tableware for saving water consumption when washing dishes.

7. Using homemade oven, reduces electricity consumption

8. The machine noise is reduced by maintaining the machine

9.Using water conditioner in the product line.